kwikfit4u-blog-sitting-on-machineIn recent studies, Vibe Machine training and therapy has shown various health benefits for women.

These benefits include enhanced metabolism, increased bone mineral density (very important for postmenopausal women), reduction of the stress hormone cortisol, elevation of serotonin and human growth hormone levels, and improved lymphatic flow. As a result of regular Whole Body Vibration exercise, most women also report reduced cellulite and smoother skin due to the positive effects of Whole Body Vibration on the stimulation of collagen production.

One such study was completed to assess the effects of Whole Body Vibration exercise on muscle strength and proprioception (def: The ability to sense stimuli arising within the body. Even if you are blindfolded, you know through proprioception if your arm is above your head or hanging by your side) in female patients with osteoarthritis of the knee. They were randomly assigned to one of two groups: Whole Body Vibration group and a control group.

The Whole Body Vibration group trained twice a week for eight weeks as the vibration speed was gradually increased.

The following were measured: knee muscle strength (extension/flexion) and proprioception (threshold for detection of passive movement [TDPM]). It was found that muscle strength increased significantly with the Whole Body Vibration group compared to the control group. TDPM was also significantly improved in the WBV group compared to the control group. This study showed that the Whole Body Vibration-exercise regime on a vibration platform yielded increased muscle strength, and showed improved threshold for detection of passive movement. This study shows beyond any doubt that Whole Body Vibration exercise is a safe, fast, and effective method for rehabilitation of women with knee osteoarthritis.

Whole Body Vibration exercise also provides an efficient stratagem for young women to achieve peak bone mass and help stave off osteoporosis and osteoarthritis later in life.

In another report titled: “Oxygen Uptake during Whole Body Vibration in Overweight Women” from University College – Dept. Of Health Sciences, Antwerp, Belgium, the researchers claimed; “To the best of our knowledge there are no studies on oxygen ventilation and energy expenditure during Whole Body Vibration in overweight women”. Subsequently, after a controlled randomized trial, they found that oxygen ventilation and heart rate were consistently and significantly higher using Whole Body Vibration exercise compared to conventional exercises without vibration or no exercise at all.

A team of six Chinese physicians conducted a randomized controlled trial where subjects were randomized to either the Whole Body Vibration intervention or a no-treatment control group. Participants included sixty-nine community-living elderly women aged 60 or above. The intervention was Whole Body Vibration exercise for only three minutes a day, three days a week for three months in the Whole Body Vibration group. Those in control group remained sedentary with normal daily activity for the whole study period.

Whole Body Vibration therapy was shown to be convincingly effective in improving the balancing ability in the elderly women.

This study also provides evidence to support a user-friendly Whole Body Vibration treatment protocol of three minutes a day for elderly women to maintain their balancing ability and reduce risks of fall.

In yet another study conducted by researchers at the University of Barcelona, Spain, women with fibromyalgia were split into three groups. For six weeks, one group undertook a traditional exercise regime involving aerobic activities, stretching, and relaxation techniques; another undertook Whole Body Vibration therapy sessions, while the final group did neither.

Women in the Whole Body Vibration group experienced significant improvements in both pain and fatigue during the study.

The exercise regime alone did not produce any benefit and the women who received no treatment saw no improvements. (The results of this study are published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.)

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