Whole body vibration osteoporosis treatment

Osteoporosis is often called the silent disease because the earlier symptoms often go unnoticed. Over time, the symptoms become recurrent and worsen, manifesting as persistent back pain, curvature of the spine, stooped over posture, and loss of height.

The good news is you can protect your bone health with Whole body vibration osteoporosis treatment. If you use Whole Body Vibration equipment to exercise by simply standing on one of our WBV machines for a period of 10 minutes daily you will insure continued bone health.

There are two types of risk factors allowing the condition known as Osteoporosis. The first risk factor concerns women who are post-menopausal. Hormonal changes can make it difficult to maintain bone density. The second factor is the process of aging. This applies to both men and women. Your family health history and lifestyle are also factors that can put you at risk for low bone density or Osteoporosis.

Our body naturally and continuously creates new bone cells and eliminates the old ones. When this process is out of balance, Osteoporosis is the result. Our bones become less dense, hollow, brittle and fragile. With Whole Body Vibration exercises we can bring this process into balance and protect our bone health.

WBV oscillating platforms support skeletal realignment and help prevent Osteoporosis. It is known that oscillating platforms prevent bone loss and preliminary trials on post-menopausal women have had positive results in bone growth.

Whole Body Vibration exercise has been proven to be as effective as resistance training at a gym. The difference is it is a much easier workout that takes much less time.  Whole Body Vibration resistance exercise is always recommended to increase bone density, because resistance exercises make our muscles stronger, which in turn, make our bones stronger. We cannot have strong bones without strong muscles.

Muscle strength, and thus, bone strength, is increased in two ways: First, we can lift progressively heavier weight. Fitness centers are filled with weight machines and other equipment that helps us do resistance exercises. As we add more and more weight in our workout, we increase the resistance our muscles work against. The result is stronger muscles and stronger bones.

Repetition of muscle movement is the second way to strengthen muscles and support our bone health. During a conventional workout we perform sets of multiple repetitions to tone a specific muscle. You may have used hand or ankle weights while walking to increase resistance to the muscles, while doing these repetitive movements. You can increase the power and strength of a muscle by working it over and over. Isometric exercises build muscle strength through repetition. These are the only ways we can increase our muscle strength and bone density. Sadly working with weights is rarely recommended for Osteoporosis and when it is, it must be done under strict supervision to prevent serious injury.

If you have Osteoporosis, or want to protect your bone health, you must move your muscles! The solution is our Whole Body Vibration machines which move every muscle, every time you use them, and are preferred to other forms of exercise, especially in respect to those with Osteoporosis. WBV uses only the weight of your body and gravity to produce resistance; therefore no external weights are necessary.

In describing the involuntary muscle movement induced by Whole Body Vibration machines we recognize the evidence that Whole Body Vibration exercises cause a rapid, involuntary contraction and then, expansion of muscle cells. This rapid repetitive movement occurs at the cellular level and is proven to build muscle strength and new bone cells with little stress or shock to the body. The motion generated by Whole Body Vibration exercise machines also enhances the natural regenerative processes in our body.

Our Whole Body Vibration exercise machines generate unlimited health benefits. The technology has been researched for 30+ years by NASA and medical scientists, who discovered that the types of vibrations available on our Whole Body Vibration exercisers build muscles and support growth of new bone tissue and increase bone density. All of this is good news for those suffering from Osteoporosis and for those who wish to prevent it.

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