Treadmills vs Whole Body Vibration

Kwikfit4u : Comparing Treadmills to Whole Body Vibration Machines

Treadmills… A Great Way to Exercise?

They are a fantastic way to exercise IF you will use them. Most treadmills become clothes hangers. Read below to find out why.

The Real Reason Why Good Intentioned People Stop Using Their Treadmills

1. 5 minutes to change clothes
2. 25 minutes on treadmill
3. 10 minute cool down period
4. 10 minutes for shower
5. 10 minutes to change clothes
6. Busy people just don’t have the time

Here is the reason so many people are choosing Kwikfit4u whole body vibration machines:

You are Done in 10 minutes
10 minutes = 1 hr at gym
Get Benefits of Exercise – increased oxygenation and lymphatic drainage
No Need to Drive to Gym and Battle Traffic
Don’t have to Sweat and Change Clothes
Easy on the Joints and Back

Whole Body Vibration Simply Explained

Whole Body Vibration
has many benefits

Kwikfit 400

This is a great machine if you are just beginning your journey into Whole Body Vibration Therapy and are looking to improve your health

Kwikfit 1000

This machine is a wise choice if you are looking for a lifestyle change and are ready to dramatically change your health for the better

Kwikfit 2000

This machine is perfect if you are trying to recover from a serious injury, health condition, or an athlete trying to achieve maximum results.

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