Kwikfit Buyers Checklist

KwikFit Buyers Guide to Buying Whole Body Vibration Machines

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Important Issues and Questions To Ask Before You Buy

So what are some of the issues and questions that should be asked when purchasing a whole body vibration machine? Here is a list of questions we suggest you ask a company before purchasing a machine.

What type of movement is your machine? Oscillating or linear?

Oscillating machines move similar to a teeter totter and are very gentle and mimic the human walk but supercharge your results as it equates to a super fast walk depending on the speed chosen. Oscillating machines are typically less expensive, appeal to a much wider audience and have an amplitude of around 10mm of movement. A linear machine usually moves about 2mm but at a very high frequency and really only cater to athletes and people already in great shape and condition.

Have you visited the factory that makes your machines?

This question is very important. There is much information on the internet about machines made in China and to avoid them. Of course the country of origin has very little to do with the quality. Just ask Apple, Sony and many other companies what they think about Chinese made goods considering much of their product offerings are made in China. You probably own many things made in China. What is important is quality control and relationships. Ask a vibration equipment supplier if they have been to their factory. We brought in samples from our factory, put them to the test at a tanning salon where they got used 12 hours per day and then we visited our factory and spent 3 days there. We are very comfortable with our quality, durability and support. Our factory also makes the components in our machines, brings in raw steel, bends the metal, does the welding and does all fabricating on site. The manufacturing facility is 120,000 square feet on 3 floors and that is just for the vibration machines.

Is your machine electrically certified?

When people first step off the Kwikfit4u vibration platforms they frequently report feeling lighter. This is a result of their standing weight being distributed throughout a larger area of the spine, and also in greater balance over their left and right side. A Spinal Analysis Machine used by chiropractors and other practitioners for postural exams involves twin scales that show the difference in weight distribution between the right and left sides of the body. Incredibly, spending just a few minutes on the Kwikfit4u machines can help reduce imbalance in standing weight by up to 100%.

Most people don’t know that in order to be legal for sale in Canada or the US, electrical appliances (machines that plug into an outlet) must meet many stringent requirements before they are deemed legal, or certified for sale. Many machines have the CE mark. This mark means nothing in Canada or the US. It is a voluntary standard and has no teeth. A manufacturer thinks their machines are good so they put a CE sticker on it. Your house insurance could be void if your “CE approved” machine is deemed to have started a fire in your house. Our machines have ETL Special Inspections done once they land in Canada and each machine has a label and serial number unique to it. Our factory is working on getting TUV certification that will be good in both Canada and the US. Do not be fooled by so-called certification marks. Do a Google search for electrical certification marks and your jurisdiction, ie: “electrical certification marks British Columbia”. There are many marks that are good, you should make sure that the one you have is good in your jurisdiction.

Customer Support

Make sure the company you buy your vibration exercise machine from offers a Money Back Guarantee and a good warranty.

The warranty should be as long as possible; look for a 2 yr and check the costs involved.

Commitment to Whole Body Vibration

Are the vibration machines just one small part of the overall business or are the machines an integral part of what the company does? Also, check to see what types of resources they have invested in to help you maximize your results with your machine. How hard is it to find their contact information and address if you really need to track them down. So many people selling machines on eBay and the like operate out of their house and unknowingly bring in very poor quality machines and they aren’t around when you need them. They will also most certainly not be electrically certified.

We have our KwikPoses in our Ongoing Support section of our website with our KwikGirl, Cheryl, doing many different poses and we have the full explanation on what each exercise targets and how to do the poses properly. We also have videos of different things and a verbal explanation of how to do them.

We are the Whole Body Vibration Equipment company. That is what we do and we do it well. Ask them what types of tradeshows they have attended to market their products to either consumers or other businesses. Ask what dealer network they have if any. If they have no dealers it could be because once a business owner has done their due diligence, that they don’t have confidence in the vibration machine supplier. We have many dealers in many different regions including both the US and Canada. See our KwikContacts for a list of some of them.

Whole Body Vibration
has many benefits

Kwikfit 400

This is a great machine if you are just beginning your journey into Whole Body Vibration Therapy and are looking to improve your health

Kwikfit 1000

This machine is a wise choice if you are looking for a lifestyle change and are ready to dramatically change your health for the better

Kwikfit 2000

This machine is perfect if you are trying to recover from a serious injury, health condition, or an athlete trying to achieve maximum results.

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