When the Kwikfit Whole Body Massage Vibrating System was shown to me, my first thought was, “I wonder if
this machine would help my golf game?” Having a “mature” figure, I thought this machine might help tone me up some and perhaps help me lose some weight. I had a few months to work on things before the golf season started, but it didn’t take long for me to notice a difference in my body.

Within a couple of weeks of using the Kwikfit it was clear that my legs and back were much stronger, I had better balance when I walked or stood and my whole being was more stable.

This paid huge dividends when golfing started. Right away it was evident that my new found core strength and balance allowed me to hit the ball much further, and it took a few weeks to re-adjust rny elub selection ! (l only wish it had straightened my shots, but that is another issue!)

As the season progressed, I also discovered that my stamina was far greater than last season! Doing 18, 27 or even 36 holes in a day didn’t tire me near as much as in the past. other activities were now possible following a big day on the course.

As far as the weight loss goes, the Kwikfit may not have been directly affected my weight, but it sure gives me the energy to do more activities and makes me feel better overall.

I will continue using the Kwikfit over the coming winter, and l’m really looking forward to see if it makes even a greater impact on my Physique!

Linda Bergh
lrricana, Alberta

“My overall health has been okay with a weakness associated with my lungs and respiratory ailments. When I started using Therapeutic Whole Body Vibration 60 days ago with full blown bronchitis (coughing, no energy) I was over the bronchitis within 7 days, my energy and vitality were at an all time high. The next two weeks I noticed a big change in my sleep patterns, First I could stay awake for long periods time and then when I did go to sleep it was deep and refreshing. The best part is yet to come, after many years of dieting and exercise I lost inches and went down 1 dress size. I can only imagine what other people are gaining from this life changing machine, it is a true blessing.”

– KM

“Since I started using my Whole Body Vibration machine I have an overall sense of well being. I need less sleep and have more energy. My muscles have shown increased definition, and there is a noticeable increase in their overall performance, flexibility, and strength. My neck and lower back have strengthened and I seldom have pain in these areas. As a tri-athlete, I look forward to continuing to take advantage of both the short and long term benefits of the Whole Body Vibration exercise, not only for athletic conditioning, but also to promote a healthy and happy lifestyle.”

– KC

“In three weeks, Whole Body Vibration exercise has transformed me body, soul and mind. My mental attitude towards my health has done a 360 degree turn. Prior to being introduced to this amazing machine I always had the best intentions of exercising and eating healthy but did not have the drive. With Whole Body Vibration training and therapy I have experienced an amazing transformation. Some of the physical changes include the ability to sleep through the night without the aid of medication, and I am energized when I wake up. I have lost both weight and inches, and my bowl movements are normal. I no longer suffer with the severe lower back ache from arthritis that has plagued me for the past 15 years and my posture has improved. My double chin is a thing of the past, my facial skin is tighter, and my skin is radiant and even my hair feels healthier. My bouts with depression are obsolete and the weight on my shoulders that sometimes paralyzed me no longer has a threshold on me. I continually experience a positive mental attitude. I find myself unafraid to take on the new challenges which have presented themselves in the past 2 weeks. I am now thankful on a daily basis for the blessing I receive. I am amazed that a single piece of equipment can do for me what the Whole Body Vibration machine has done.”

– RL

“I have been using Whole Body Vibration for 18 days now. I started off using it for ten minutes, two or three times a week and then moved to a daily session. I can say I am hooked! I wake up each morning looking forward to getting on the machine. I notice since using Whole Body Vibration my sleep is better than ever, and I wake up early and ready to go. I don’t feel groggy and I don’t want to sleep in as usual. I have more energy, feel toner, my endurance is higher.

I had major back surgery to fix a broken spine, and replaced a disk. I cannot use a lot of the equipment at a gym, and I believe Whole Body Vibration therapy is helping my back to get stronger and giving me the workout I need. I truly don’t want to be without it. It just makes me feel so good.”


“Whole Body Vibration exercise energizes & invigorates me. I also noticed my muscles are more toned. I check my own blood pressure, and was happy to see it has gone down. In addition, my congestion cleared up, and I have not had to use my inhaler like I did before. I love the way it makes me feel all around. I feel great and handle stress much better than I have in the past. I highly recommend Whole Body Vibration training and exercise to anyone looking to feel and look great!”

– NM

“Whole Body Vibration is something I am very excited about. I especially recommend it to people with conditions where increased blood circulation is a benefit. Almost immediately you can feel targeted increases in blood flow to the areas that need it. This can mean relief for people with muscle soreness or minor injury right up to those with more serious conditions like diabetes or Fibromyalgia.”

– TJ

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