When the Kwikfit Whole Body Massage Vibrating System was shown to me, my first thought was, “I wonder if this machine would help my golf game?”  Having a “mature” figure, I thought this machine might help tone me up some and perhaps help me lose some weight.  I had a few months to work on things before the golf season started, but it didn’t take long for me to notice a difference in my body.

Within a couple of weeks of using the Kwikfit it was clear that my legs and back were much stronger, I had better balance when I walked or stood, and my whole being was more stable.

This paid huge dividends when golfing started.  Right away it was evident that my new found core strength and balance allowed me to hit the ball much further, and it took a few weeks to re-adjust my club selection! (I only wish it had straightened my shots, but that is another issue!)

As the season progressed, I also discovered that my stamina was far greater than last season!  Doing 18, 27 or even 36 holes in a day didn’t tire me near as much as in the past.  Other activities were now possible following a big day on the course.

As far as the weight loss goes, the Kwikfit may not have been directly affected my weight, but it sure gives me the energy to do more activities and makes me feel better overall.

I will continue using the Kwikfit over the coming winter, and I’m really looking forward to see if it makes even a greater impact on my physique!


Linda Bergh
Irricana, Alberta