This letter is in reference to my personal and business experience with Laura Pelletier and the Kwikfit4u Whole body Vibration System.

Personally – Six years ago I was 94 pounds over weight and my body was ready to give up it seemed. I decided to change my lifestyle and get serious about a weight loss program. Awful pains were starting to affect my feet and I discovered it was Peripheral Neuropathy which is a deadening of the nerves in my feet. If I was about to lose the 94 pounds I would have to find some way of exercising to tone my body and assist in the weight loss. Biking, walking, treadmills and elliptical machines were out of the question as the pressure on my feet was unbearable. I met Laura at a Home Show and discovered the Kwikfit4u system and in the next year I was down to my goal weight of 187 pounds (toned and no sagging) and still use the machine to maintain a healthy lifestyle … I say it saved my life … 10 minutes three times a week. There are a number of Health and Wellness Benefits to this system.

Business – I am the Community Relations Manager at a large retirement community with 170 residents aging from late sixties to over one hundred years of age. We purchased the Kwikfit4u system and the residents love it as they use it at a very low level. The benefits of increasing blood circulation, regulating blood sugars, increased bone mass and more are enjoyed daily. Some of them have even come off their wakers as the machine has very much helped them with their balance. I love to see them on it and they love to see me on it as I use it at a much higher level

Thank you Laura,


Doug Watson
Fernbrae Manor Retirement Community
Sales & Marketing