I am a senior, and after hearing about the “jiggle” machine from someone I decided to give it a try. I actually paid a local company to use their machine for 10 minutes a day for one month… After noticing I did feel better and did not have as many aches & pains I went full speed ahead and purchased one from the business that I was frequenting as a dedicated “user”.

I think it is the best investment I have made for myself, I feel as though I have my own personal masseur and how lovely that is!

It does do the things that they say it does, but I personally have not lost any weight yet, but I am so happy with the availability of the staff at kwikfit 4 U to answer any and all questions and they even told me how to go about relieving the pain in my neck and by golly it is working so I am very happy about the improvement I have noticed in that respect as well as an all round feeling of well being after ten minutes. I use it several times a day for 10 minute intervals each time and missed one day as we were away, I could not wait to get home to my workout.

I have no qualms about recommended this machine to anyone, if they are interested in feeling better.


Rita Thomson
Vancouver, BC