kwikfit4u-blog-sciatic-back-painChronic Back Pain

Prior to my being introduced to Whole Body Vibration (WBV) I had suffered from a sore back since 1986 after wrestling in high school.

I was the tall lanky kid getting thrown around by short, stocky tough guys that had been wrestling for years. Although I did have my share of wins, my short wrestling career left me with chronic back pains that were acute at times and never ending. Back in 2003, I finally put an end to my chronic back pain by transitioning to very acute pain via herniation of two discs in my lower back. The doctor said it would take 6 months or so to heal but it ended up taking over 3 – 5 years to heal and it still wasn’t fully healed in 2009. It could have been the old back injury rearing its head but nevertheless it was very uncomfortable.

I had done my stretching for years, multiple times per day just to function and keep my muscles a little looser but over the course of a few hours my muscles would just tighten again and the back pain would come back.

Whole Body Vibration

I learned about whole body vibration in 2009 and once I got a machine my chronic back pain, over the course of a couple weeks, completely disappeared. What I learned was that the soreness in my back was mainly due to tightness in my muscles and a lack of flexibility. I could barely touch my knees if I bent over. After standing on my Kwikfit4u wbv machine I got so many muscle stretches and contractions that I almost instantly became more flexible. I starting leaning forward to try to touch my toes and after a few short weeks I was able to touch my toes for the first time since I was about 12 years old in 1982. It was incredible. I could care less about touching my toes as I was much more happy that, due to my increased flexibility, my back pain had disappeared now, finally, after over 20 years of suffering.

After all the expensive beds I purchased of varying firmness, to all the chiropractor visits and money spent there and time consuming doctors visits, MRIs and CT scans I was finally functioning like a normal person without back pain. I cannot tell you what a relief it is after so much pain and suffering.

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