Lymphatic System

How Whole Body Vibration helps with the Lymphatic System

The lymph system plays an underestimated role in the health of our bodies. How do you reduce cellulite? The lymph system is responsible for the absorption of trapped toxins in the fat cells, commonly referred to as cellulite. It takes the toxins contained in those problem cells and flushes them out of your system.

Another function of the lymphatic system is the absorption of excess fluid anywhere in the body and returning it to the blood stream. Lastly, the system is a critical support for the body’s immune system. This very much underestimated lymphatic system is the unsung hero of the human body.

Lymphatic Vibration Therapy

Unlike our blood, lymphatic fluid does not use the heart as a pump. Lymph transport (or drainage) primarily depends upon the contraction of skeletal muscles – thus the importance of  lymphatic vibration therapy with Whole Body Vibration exercise. A body which is not moving will begin to stagnate in more ways than one! This leads to something everyone realizes; the importance of a regular workout routine, but many people today are finding it hard to set aside any time to exercise. There are countless working moms and corporate dads who can’t even find time for a relaxing bath. It also seems there are endless types of fitness machines available but hardly anyone knows which one would best fit their current lifestyle, physical condition or even which would best suit their age group. Thankfully there’s an ancient method of keeping fit that has been revived and modernized to meet today’s demands.

Whole Body Vibration Exercise

Perhaps you have heard of Whole Body Vibration exercise? A lymphatic vibration therapy which is actually a borrowed concept that had long been practiced by the early Greeks? The basic principle behind these modern machines hasn’t changed, and why they’re proven to improve general health and fitness is easy to explain… Whether we realize it or not our body continually vibrates all the while its pumping blood. Therefore, vibration is essential for our blood circulation and the subsequent oxygenation of cells and resultant lymphatic drainage. But there are quite a few people who are not familiar with lymphatic drainage, or exactly what it does. Our lymph system is a complex network of ducts and nodes that drain toxins out of the muscles and other cells in the body. These nodes are also essential to the delivery of antibodies to the muscles, making our bodies stronger and more fatigue resistant. Lymph nodes play a significant role in a healthy immune system. Unfortunately, our lymphatic system is not capable of pumping toxins out of these nodes all by itself and is heavily dependent on muscle activity to stimulate it into action. Proper exercise is the pumping and stretching of particular groups of tissues that are bound by a node. By increasing muscle activity and stimulating these nodes’ pumping action we insure an uninterrupted blood flow. Have you ever wondered why the more active (or athletic) a person is the less likely they are to catch a cold or come down with the flu? Their lymphatic system is functioning much more effectively than sedentary people and their lymph nodes remain well drained. Better blood circulation and oxygenation means better distribution of essential immunity components (and important nutrients) to the cells in our muscles and throughout our bodies. Through recent studies scientists have discovered the physics that make muscles work at a healthy pace.

Russian Space Institute, the European Space Agency and NASA

The Russian Space Institute, the European Space Agency and NASA came up with various body vibration techniques that counter muscle atrophy and bone loss; two of the conditions cosmonauts and astronauts experience when subjected to lack of gravity, consequently producing poor lymphatic activity. As a result of these discoveries Lymphatic Vibration Therapy with Whole Body Vibration exercise machines were invented. When simply standing on a Whole Body Vibration platform, the body will be exposed to multiple vibrations per second which promotes blood flow and lymphatic drainage. The Whole Body Vibration platform generates these vibrations and transmits the intensity and the motion throughout the body. Ten minutes of Whole Body Vibration exercise is equal to an hour of exercising in a gym or fitness center. Check out those people who have firm and lean bodies, you can be assured that they are regularly stimulating their muscle activity. Whenever muscles contract, there is muscle activity. When there is muscle activity, calories are burned. Exercising for ten minutes on a low impact Whole Body Vibration machine means less strain, which is good for your veins, joints and connective tissue. Among many other benefits, Whole Body Vibration is an activity that prevents varicose veins and chronic fatigue. So, pump up those lymph nodes with Whole Body Vibration exercise and achieve a more active and healthy body. Save time and money, get the benefits of a 1 hour workout in just 10 minutes using a Whole Body Vibration machine in the privacy, comfort and convenience of your own home. Additional comment: If you notice a tingling or itching sensation after standing on a Whole Body Vibration platform for a short time, this is a signal your body is sending you – a message confirming just how much you really need to be using a Whole Body Vibration machine. Don’t withdraw from these sensations, encourage them. What’s happening is your body has clustered (clumped together) fat cells, often along with the formation of cellulite, which causes a type of blockage restricting blood flow. After a few minutes of Whole Body Vibration exercise your capillaries dilate and freshly oxygenated blood starts to flow into areas that were previously suppressed. The tingling/itching sensations will diminish with each Whole Body Vibration exercise session, letting you know you’re burning the fat and relaxing the cells, allowing increased blood and prompting the carrying away of toxins from your body’s tissues. This is completely normal and to be expected. It is the allowing of the capillaries to expand, supplying more blood to these areas and stimulating lymphatic drainage, which eliminates toxins from the body at an accelerated rate.

Whole Body Vibration
has many benefits
Aging Well Baby Boomers with Whole Body Vibration

Aging Well Baby Boomers with Whole Body Vibration

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