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How Whole Body Vibration helps with Corporate Health and Wellness

As more and more business owners become aware of the impact of health and wellness on employee productivity they begin to actively seek ways to promote the overall wellbeing of those who work for them. In the past, many employers focused primarily on reducing the increasing cost of health care, and now they are beginning to realize the impact of health on productivity. Studies of some chronic conditions and other health risk factors show that the costs of lost productivity often exceed the costs of medical care.

Whole Body Vibration Equipment

Millions of Americans are facing chronic conditions such as arthritis, hypertension, lower back pain and other ailments that affect their on the job performance as well as their other daily duties and responsibilities. With these afflictions on the rise, companies are realizing the importance of offering corporate fitness centers. By striving to make physical fitness part of their employees’ lives and to assist them in improving their overall health and wellness, many companies are now looking for fast and easy fitness programs. As you read on, you will see that Whole Body Vibration equipment is not only an uncomplicated answer to this dilemma, but the perfect solution.

Researchers have concluded beyond any doubt that diet and exercise are two key factors in keeping people healthy, alert and energetic. But it’s especially hard to find time to exercise for those who work in an office or spend hours sitting at a desk or on the phone. Exercising at work may seem nearly impossible, but there’s one option for staying fit and keeping energy up on the job…and that is by including Whole Body Vibration equipment in the office or workplace. With the minimal amount of room needed and its limitless applications, Whole Body Vibration equipment are the ideal exercise machines for any corporate fitness center environment and many employers are quickly learning they dramatically reduce employee sick leave and absenteeism.

Whole Body Vibration Exercise

Employers everywhere are finding that Whole Body Vibration exercise is the perfect solution for loosening up the entire body and relieving pent up stress. Simply standing on a Whole Body Vibration equipment platform for just a few minutes one can gain a multitude of benefits, which include; increased muscle strength, improved balance and flexibility, increased blood circulation and oxygenation, pain reduction and relief from stress, these few minutes will supercharge all the cells throughout the entire body and provide the energy needed to continue working with renewed vigor and enthusiasm. Since Whole Body Vibration exercises don’t involve rigorous physical activity, employees can spend a few minutes on the Whole Body Vibration platform at any time during the day when they might be feeling sluggish or just needing to be invigorated. And because Whole Body Vibration’s no sweat/no stain workout takes only 10 minutes for a complete session, it allows for lunchtime or coffee break workouts without the concern of needing a shower or a change of clothing afterwards.

Physical inactivity on the job leads to muscle deterioration, muscle weakness and poor circulation, which all too often makes it increasingly difficult to become motivated enough to take up any activity that may counter this condition. Whole Body Vibration exercise can help to rebuild and maintain healthy and strong muscles without the need for a strenuous or time consuming work out. In addition, the endorphins that are released into the blood stream promote a sense of well being, enhancing overall quality of life.

Also worth noting is a variety of users have confirmed that Whole Body Vibration equipment for exercise generates mood balancing hormones that are immediately released, hormones like serotonin which counters mental fatigue while harmonizing the emotional stress so common in an enclosed work environment.

A common problem for those that sit at a desk or computer station most of the day, considering the lack (or absence) of any core strengthening exercise, allows the lower back muscles to weaken, resulting in back pain. These weakened muscles can be strengthened with a training schedule of ten minute sessions, just three to four times per week. With Whole Body Vibration exercise it is possible to bolster the back muscles without undue mechanical pressure or strain on joints and tendons.

In addition, Whole Body Vibration exercise has been proven safe, fast and highly effective, and that’s the reason it is rapidly becoming the unparalleled on-the-job solution for boosting employee health. A healthy, happy employee results in better efficiency, enhanced performance and less absenteeism. And this generally means an increase in cost effectiveness and profits for the company.

The primary benefits of Whole Body Vibration equipment in the workplace include:

  • Improved employee health and overall well being
  • A boost in work performance and productivity
  • A reduction in absenteeism
  • The promotion of employee satisfaction, loyalty and retention
  • A decline in health care costs
  • A minimizing of on-the-job Injuries and workman’s compensation claims

In conclusion

Research has also shown that there’s no need to do strenuous exercise (e.g., aerobics etc.) when you can get the same benefits by simply relaxing for a few minutes on a Whole Body Vibration equipment. Incorporate a daily Whole Body Vibration break into your employees’ work schedule and judge the results for yourself.

Whether on the job or not, Whole Body Vibration machines are the perfect tool for those individuals looking to start a new fitness regime but have not taken the time to work out in quite a while.

Whole Body Vibration
has many benefits
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