Athletic Performance

How Whole Body Vibration helps with Athletic Performance

Are you ready to sprint faster, jump higher and increase your overall power and agility – in 12 weeks or less?

Benefits of Vibration

Today’s top athletes and regular everyday sports enthusiasts are constantly looking for more effective and efficient ways to train in order to gain a competitive edge. Benefits of vibration advanced equipment provides that edge and much more. That’s why Whole Body Vibration machines have been quickly sweeping through the professional sports industry, used by teams and many other famous sports clubs all across Europe, and now rapidly catching on in America. Whole Body Vibration is scientifically proven to dramatically enhance sports training both as alternative form of training and a supplement to conventional training regimes. Within seconds of being on a Whole Body Vibration platform, flexibility, range of motion and balance are instantly increased. Whole Body Vibration training is perfect for warming up, as well as getting properly primed just before going out to play. With a Whole Body Vibration machine you’re not just getting a new tool to strengthen and condition, but a practical means to prevent and rehabilitate injuries. Many professional teams are now finding benefits of vibration from Whole Body Vibration machines are not only an integral training tool, but essential for rehabilitation.

Amateur and Non-Professionals

Many amateur athletes don’t have the resources that are available to their professional counterparts, but they still wish to gain an elevated level of strength, conditioning and performance. A Whole Body Vibration machine offers non-professional athletes, sport and fitness enthusiasts the benefits of vibration a revolutionary way to compress training sessions while increasing flexibility, explosive strength and endurance and at the same time reducing the likelyhood of injuries.

High Endurance Sports

There are many advantages to training on a Whole Body Vibration machine for anyone involved in endurance sports. Without conscious effort Whole Body Vibration training automatically activates the “fast twitch” muscle reflex and the muscle fibers are near 100% engaged as compared to 40 – 70% with conventional workouts. Additionally, Whole Body Vibration exercise prompts the release of hormones (HGH and IGF-1) which are involved in recovery, ensuring a faster and more complete recovery. It is not unusual for athletes involved with endurance sports to face muscle and connective tissue injuries caused by over use and/or overload. These problems can be quickly and efficiently treated by implementing Body Vibration training and therapy.

Professional Athletes and Whole Body Vibration

European sports professionals have been using Whole Body Vibration machines for over ten years to improve their performance and America is quickly catching on. With Whole Body Vibration training you’ll sprint faster, jump higher and increase your explosive power. This is the reason why the top French Olympic sprinters Mark Raquil (400m) and Patricia Girard (100mH) have chosen to train on Whole Body Vibration machines. That’s why Djibril Cissé, is the top French football scorer (2002 & 2004), and after playing for Auxerre for six seasons, he scored 90 goals in 166 appearances; this season he’s playing for Liverpool Football Club which has chosen to train on Whole Body Vibration equipment. Naturally, all those athletes have now been convinced of the benefits of Whole Body Vibration machines.

Whole Body Vibration training

To fully understand the value of Whole Body Vibration training in helping athletes to increase speed, heighten jump performance and improve overall power and agility we need to familiarize ourselves with the basic anatomical principles of muscular contraction. On the basis of various structural and functional characteristics, skeletal muscle fibers are classified into three main types:

Slow twitch fibers- have a slow contraction velocity, very resistant to fatigue and are responsible for the strength and endurance of a muscle. Intermediate twitch fibers- have fast oxidative fibers, contain very many blood capillaries, are red and  have a fast contraction velocity and are resistant to fatigue. These fibers possess the qualities of both slow and fast twitch fibers. Fast twitch fibers- contain relatively few blood capillaries and large amounts glycogen, are white, fatigue easily and have a fast contraction velocity. These fibers are responsible for the speed of muscular contraction.

These 3 basic fibers types are arranged into groups often referred to as “motor units” and there are multiple motor units within the overall muscle groups. Normally, when a muscle begins to contract, only some of the motor units are activated and as the demand on these muscle groups increases, so are the numbers of motor units that are recruited to help satisfy this demand.

When training on Whole Body Vibration platform, you are automatically tensing muscles against other muscles; these muscles are repeatedly stimulated multiple times per second to contract by means of the oscillating vibrations! This is achieved to two ways. When you force your muscle(s) to maintain a certain position on the Whole Body Vibration plate for a predetermined length of time, your muscles will begin to recruit and activate more and more of their motor units to assist in maintaining this contraction. The motor units that were previously rarely activated within a particular muscle or muscle group are now forced into use, perhaps for the first time. As these vibrations continue, the muscles’ motor units that are recruited are forced to contract continuously and repeatedly, with no noticeable decrease in activity. Benefits of vibration prompts your muscles to quickly achieve a state of maximum activation (nearly 100%) safely and efficiently, resulting in the entire muscle or muscle group strengthening and maturing in record time.

Whole Body Vibration and Explosive Sports

Whole Body Vibration is quite applicable as a replacement to weight training, especially when it is important to keep professional athletes in top condition and injury free throughout the entire season. Because Whole Body Vibration training and exercise takes much less time than most forms of conventional workouts and won’t overtax the muscles (or other connective tissue) it is a very fitting alternative. Testosterone levels are increased with Whole Body Vibration and that allows the explosive (white) muscle fibers to recover much quicker and more completely. Whole Body Vibration training also significantly increases flexibility without any loss of the explosive power that gives you a competitive edge.

Strengthen Your Core Muscles – Essential for Athletes of all Levels

There has been an increasing focus on core muscle training in the past few years. Your core muscles are the most important muscle group in your body. They dictate how your entire body including your arms and legs will function. Whole Body Vibration will help firm and tone your core muscles. Try mixing it up and do some yoga on your vibration machine.

All Sports activities are enhanced by Whole Body Vibration

Due to the unique nature by Whole Body Vibration works on the body, both postural and phasic muscle systems can be trained simultaneously with maximal levels of muscle recruitment. Benefits of vibration enhances state of inter and intra-muscular coordination, driven directly by the central nervous system and its response to the repeated vibration stimulus, allows for better support, reduced compensatory mechanisms during movement and proper stability during sports activity.

No matter what your sport or activity, if you’re serious about your performance then Whole Body Vibration is for you.

Whole Body Vibration
has many benefits
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