Revolutionary new exercise technology

Whole Body Vibration is a revolutionary new exercise technology with many health benefits for people of all fitness levels. The premiere company bringing this innovative fitness product to North America is very excited to be a part of Dancing with The Stars.

Like most sports, dancing can be a demanding, physical activity. The competitors must be fit, and keep up a health regime including WBV practices that speed up recovery, increase mobility and build lean muscle. The healing vibration of WBV increases flexibility, tones muscles, and improves coordination. These attributes are all needed for a competitive athlete to excel and perform at their very best. WBV is the perfect addition to the challenging workouts required by contestants on Dancing with The Stars for many reasons.

Vibration Technology

Primarily, vibration technology aids in a swift recovery by increasing circulation to all areas of the body, bringing fresh blood and oxygen to tissues that are fatigued after hours of practicing dance. The contestants will find that after only 10 minutes on the machine lactic acid is flushed from sore muscles, providing a healing release similar to the rush of running for an hour, without needing to do anything but stand on the vibration machine and relax. Whole Body Vibration is the perfect activity for days spent at home recovering after serious training, and it folds easily into a workout as a swift and gentle way to warm up the muscles and increase flexibility.

A complete exercise platform

Whole Body Vibration is also used as a complete exercise platform in and of itself. A diverse range of movements and poses can be performed on the machine, stimulating muscle response, and increasing resistance.

WBV allows both the athlete, the beginner, the young adult and the senior citizen access to a tool that swiftly helps them achieve fitness and health goals, in a low impact way done in the comfort of their own home. Whether used as a rejuvenating supplemental work out, or as the main method of training. Vibration technology and whole body vibration equipment available at Kwikfit4u is an amazing addition to the lives of those who want to look and feel their best.

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