We all get injured at some time while training, or even indeed when not involved in training. So can the use of Whole Body Vibration exercise machines assist in recovering from these injuries, however they are caused?

Sports physiotherapists and other types of sports rehabilitation professionals were naturally very interested to discover if indeed vibration training could be helpful in their professional work, and assist in the treatment of, and recovery from, sports injuries.

They decided to conduct some controlled tests to investigate further. A number of athletes, who had been suffering from not insignificant knee ligament ruptures, were invited to get involved in a controlled study which was conducted to discover the effects, if any, of vibration exercise on such ligament injuries. The mobility and movement capacity of the injured parts were tested and monitored throughout the study. In simpler terms, the ability of the knee to move, and to move in different directions, was tested and duly recorded.

To start with, each of the athletes was asked to display their overall balance. This was done by them simply standing on each leg, taking one leg at a time, and during this time all of the muscle activity in each of their legs was again monitored and then recorded.

Then it was requested that they stand on the vibration plate of a Whole Body Vibration exercise machine for approximately 10 minutes, and they were then requested to repeat the balance test of standing on each leg, one at a time.

The results showed that once having completed the Whole Body Vibration machine test, impressive improvements were recorded, particularly in what is called the posterior-anterior direction of movement of the injured ligaments.

It goes without saying that the sports specialists involved in the testing were naturally delighted to discover that Whole Body Vibration training and therapy can indeed be of great assistance in recovering from various sports injuries.

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