The list of benefits delivered by Whole Body Vibration Treatment is extensive.

The process is simple. By forcing vibrations through your body your muscles are forced to contract and expand. The flexing motion is involuntary which means a higher proportion of muscle fiber is affected. The vibrations are low impact and constant which means the workout is safe. This rapid contraction and release of muscles burns more calories in a shorter space of time, develops the core muscle strength and improves the blood circulation and oxygenation.

Whole Body Vibration exercise also helps to strengthen bones by increasing bone density.

As well as increasing overall fitness, the subtlety of the vibrations make these Whole Body Vibration exercise machines a key element in rehabilitation therapy. They are great for strengthening damaged muscles in a gradual manner as you can work out on them without the need for intensive exercise. Whole Body Vibration plates really are suitable for men and women of any age or ability because they do not place strain on any part of the body. This even means they are suitable for those recovering from injury. Through the different programs Whole Body Vibration fitness machines offer, the benefits are suitable for the most elite athlete, through the fitness enthusiast, to the occasional user.

The exercise sessions are so effective that you do not really need to work out for longer than 10 minutes at a time.

This means Whole Body Vibration plates are popular for those who struggle to fit an exercise routine into their daily schedule. Combined with a suitable cardiovascular program they are ideal in increasing weight loss, suppleness and all round well-being. You don’t necessarily need to exercise whilst standing on the plate, but for optimal fitness, carry out traditional stretches, sit ups, pushups lunges, etc. and the results will be impressive!

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