kwikfit4u-blog-blood-circulationBlood circulation benefits of a vibration machine

While the use of Whole Body Vibration therapy and training is still a relatively new concept to most health, fitness and medical professionals, it certainly does not suffer from lack of supportive research, and while there is obviously more research yet to be done in this area, the overwhelming consistency of findings from scientific research that currently exists on the subject is a compelling testimony to WBV’s potential applications and its impact on this revolutionary approach to training and treatment.

Chronic venous insufficiency

Being one who has suffered for years from chronic venous insufficiency the effect of vibration training on my blood vessels is clear to see and to feel. After 10 minutes on my WBV machine, I see that the skin of my lower leg has turned a healthy pink. This is a sign that the blood vessels in that area are wide open. It also explains the feeling which I can best describe as, coming home after a snowball fight with your bare hands, and then putting your hands in a bucket of warm water. The tingling feeling indicates that my blood vessels are dilated and my lower legs and feet are getting a fresh supply of oxygen charged blood. In Germany, the effect of Whole Body Vibration therapy and training is used as therapy for disturbed peripheral circulation, particularly in the lower legs, such as in chronic venous insufficiency, and I can fully appreciate why.

Kwikfit4u WBV equipment

After only a few weeks of training on my Kwikfit4u WBV equipment I have also noticed improvement in my balance and overall functional fitness, especially the muscle power in my legs. Dizzy spells that used to occur at the most inconvenient times are now a thing of the past.

My daily 10 minute vibration workout also relieves stress, improves my mood and gives me long lasting confidence to face the most challenging circumstances of the day.

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