Whole Body Vibrating Equipment for Better Toning

It’s been found during recent research that using Whole Body Vibration machines can help increase the rate at which you tone up and lose weight simply by performing your regular regime using a vibration plate. Because Whole Body Vibration machines intensify the amount...

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Whole Body Vibration and Corporate Wellness

In recent years many businesses have already implemented, or are extremely interested, in developing programs which promote health for their employees. The primary benefits of the wellness of workers include: Improving overall employee health Lessoning preventable...

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Why People Love Whole Body Vibration Exercise

Whole Body Vibration exercise, the next generation fitness program already has the stamp of approval of NASA, NFL teams, NBA teams, top universities and a wave of celebrities in an effort to get in shape. Whole Body Vibration therapy and training helps burn fat,...

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Reduce Stress through Vibration Therapy

If the brain is unduly taxed, either psychologically or mentally, it can lead to increased oxygen uptake resulting in hypoxia. This may result in memory loss, insomnia and even the emergence of unreasonable fears. Research shows that you can reduce stress through...

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Using Whole Body Vibration for cellulite treatment

What is the quickest way is to get rid of and/or prevent unsightly cellulite? In the past, conventional exercise would have been the primary recommendation (and in fact, it is still a great way), but conventional exercise needs to happen on a regular basis to really...

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Research on the Benefits of Vibration Training

  An increasing body of research exists on the benefits of vibration training for both athletes and the recreational fitness trainer. The former has looked at the effects of this training method on increasing power, strength and flexibility, while the latter has...

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Recommended Whole Body Vibration Machine Exercises

Whole Body Vibration machines are exercise platforms that oscillate at various speeds determined by the user. By performing Whole Body Vibration Machine Exercises, your muscles are exposed to multi-directional forces that must be overcome as you workout. Vibration...

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