kwikfit4u-blog-feet-and-toesCurrent research into the benefits of whole body vibration has shown that vibrating the foot, or plantar, area of the body, has measurable effects on overall good health, including increased circulation and bone density. Do not confuse Whole Body Vibration with your great-grandmother’s giggly strap contraption, which you may have seen in funny old movies. Whole Body Vibration is neither comedy nor fiction.

Benefits of a vibration machine occur whenever one stands on a vibration plate.

These machines provide users with a simple way of increasing their circulation, resulting in measurable health improvements.

Vibration machines provide a no-stress exercise

Simply standing (or sitting) on a Whole Body Vibration plate provides you with a convenient way of increasing your circulation without stressing joints, tendons or ligaments. After only 10 minutes each day on a Whole Body Vibration plate, you will notice improvements in your cardiovascular system, as well as leg and torso muscles. Instead of damaging joints and tendons, the Whole Body Vibration unit actually improves these frequently injured areas of the body with low stress movement and increased circulation.

Increased circulation helps the body repair itself and to stay healthy. You will look and feel younger and healthier as this increased blood flow helps to improve your range of motion, strengthen your core muscles and stimulate muscle development.

The Proof Is In the Laboratory

The American Physiological Society has published results from rigorous laboratory tests that verify the results of Whole Body Vibration. Results noted include significant improvements in “leg fluid flow in premenopausal woman”, enhanced “peripheral and systemic blood flow, peripheral lymphatic flow, and venous drainage, which may account for the apparent ability of such stimuli to influence bone mass and density,” and improved the flow of blood throughout the skin, resulting in that healthy glow we all wish we had.

Doctors, dermatologists and healthcare providers all recognize that increased circulation assists your body in distributing oxygen, nutrients and fluids to where they are needed and in ridding the body of waste products and toxins. All of these measures work together to increase overall health, reduce the chance of illness or injury, improve hormone levels and accelerate weight loss. Instead of sitting on the couch getting worse, you can watch the same television show standing on your very own Whole Body Vibration equipment and watch the pounds fall away. A Whole Body Vibration machine may be just the starting point you need to end that sedentary life you’ve been sick and tired of for so long.

Science Doesn’t Lie

The Scientific Method demands precision, accuracy and verifiable results. They are the same methods used to test and verify claims made about Whole Body Vibration training and therapy. Scientists, doctors and customers of Whole Body Vibration exercise have spoken out in its favor, based on the scientific research and personal success stories.

Increasing the circulation of the blood in your body makes you healthier. Your skin will glow, your muscles will get stronger, the fat will burn away and you will enjoy the resulting fitness, stamina and flexibility that come with improved circulation.

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