benefits of whole body vibrationBenefits of Whole Body Vibration Chiropractic treatment

A growing amount of interest is now focused on the benefits of whole body vibration training and therapy as studies continue to indicate promising results. Various findings include increase in muscle strength, enhancing balance and co-ordination, improved flexibility, increase in bone mass density, therefore decreasing osteoporosis, stimulating the lymphatic system, massage effect on muscles and providing low joint impact. These encouraging conclusions should make every Chiropractor excited enough to inquire further into WBV therapy, subsequently finding that it would be ideal to include with most of their Chiropractic treatment.

Range of motion

Research has shown the positive benefits of Whole Body Vibration to be a suitable training method to increase the range of motion beyond that of static stretching alone. The underlying mechanism with WBV is the stimulation of muscular activity via stretch reflexes. When considering the many positive aspects of Whole Body Vibration on the neuromusculoskeletal system it is interesting to note its effects when employed as part of a Chiropractic treatment.

When information from current research findings was used to see if Whole Body Vibration therapy could enhance Chiropractic treatment it was generally agreed that using a WBV machine for 5 minutes at a cycle of only 10 oscillations would help the muscles relax, increase forward flexion of cervical spine and greatly served the ease in the delivery of spinal manipulative treatments.

Spinal manipulative treatments

Using a Whole Body Vibration machine before Chiropractic treatment revealed considerably reduced areas of tension on the spine along with large muscle groups being more relaxed. Therefore, overall it was easier to execute the spinal manipulative treatments because the muscles were more relaxed. Any special need to apply soft tissue therapy was also decreased.

These findings should be utilized by Chiropractors to improve upon their current treatments by either implementing Whole Body Vibration therapy in their clinics or conducting further research as a service to their patients. Visit our website (click on: KWIKFIT4U) then be sure to visit our Products Page (click on: PRODUCTS) to review our WBV machines and determine which would be best suited for you.

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