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If you have weak muscles, poor posture and/or excess weight, your back will be one of the first places you feel the strain and its subsequent pain.

Whole Body Vibration platforms and Kwikfit4u vibration plate machines can assist you in exercising your back muscles, increasing their flexibility and reducing the tendency for those muscles to put additional strain on your spine.

5 basic muscle groups

Whole Body Vibration machines when used for just 10 minutes a day will strengthen those supporting muscles that cause back pain when they’re in a weakened state. This all starts with the torso and a little anatomy lesson may be in order. Our torso is comprised of core muscles. The core muscles consist of 5 basic muscle groups; the abdominals which run from the sternum to the pelvis, lying just below the abdominals are the transverse abdominus muscles. Off to the sides, are the oblique muscles which make up what we commonly refer to as the waistline. Beneath the external oblique muscles are the internal obliques. Around to the back, the muscles that run parallel to the spine are also part of the core and they are often referred to as the spinal erectors. These spinal erectors are the most common source of back pain. The core muscles are where all of our bodily movements originate and they are central to our body’s strength and power. By using Whole Body Vibration equipment to strengthen these core muscles they will tend to stabilize the entire body during all its movements. The more these core muscles are strengthened, the more support they can provide for the spine erectors and the entire body during all of the movements we make on a daily basis, from lifting a heavy wash basket to reaching high to pick an apple.

When someone chooses to not exercise these important muscles, they will become weaker, less flexible and more and more subject to pain over time. This causes the body to be at a higher risk for injuries, especially back injuries. Back injuries and lower back pain are most often caused my muscle weakness and stiffness. Without sufficient strength in the core muscles, ordinary movements such as stretching, bending, pulling or pushing will go unsupported, leaving the body at risk for injury. Poor posture is also a result of core muscle weakness.

Improve Blood Circulation

The muscle contractions and stimulation resulting from the use of our Whole Body Vibrating machines helps improve the critically important blood circulation to these core muscles. The improved circulation, supplying oxygenated blood, increases the cells’ ability to respond to hormones, absorb nutrients and minerals, assisting in allowing new tissues to build and grow, increasing metabolism and flushing the toxins out of the body at a higher and faster rate than normal.

Any person who uses a Whole Body Vibration exerciser to augment their core muscles will have a much easier time engaging in all their daily activities and they will perform better in physical sports and most other strenuous undertakings.

Some cautions when dealing with back pain…

First, see your doctor to rule out major injuries, especially if you have an acute back herniation. Even though WBV is considered one of the safest, low impact forms of exercise, consulting with a physician before using Whole Body Vibration exercises will safeguard you against any possible further injury. If your doctor gives you the okay, you can get busy strengthening your core muscles and torso. When getting started, review the proper positions and postures by checking out our KwikPoses page and then select the exercise that is most comfortable and best suited for you.

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