Aging Well Baby Boomers with Whole Body Vibration

Aging well Baby-Boomers are approaching the age where regular exercise is both increasingly vital and progressively hard to maintain. Aging bodies need exercise to fend off the ravages of aging, and yet because of that very aging process, effective exercise often becomes more challenging. For a lot of the elderly, leaving the comfort of their home and going to a gym or joining another conventional exercise program is not a viable option, and even when it is, the inconvenience for an elderly person is often not worth their effort. As a result, the much-needed exercise is not engaged, and the aging process is accelerated. But there is a simple solution.

Our aging citizens often abandon the whole concept of trying to stay fit, assuming that their bodies can no longer remain strong and their activities need to be restricted to prevent physical injury or risk damaging expensive and/or delicate prosthesis. This can be depressing since these folks have spent their prior years living independently and self-reliant and now they’re at a point in their lives where they often simply give up on staying fit.

Much conventional exercise is frequently not recommended for those bodies that are advancing in age. But the idea that the elderly cannot stay fit is false and misleading. The fact remains that senior citizens can stay quite fit if they use the proper techniques; techniques that strengthen their bodies while enhancing the quality of their lives, making their experience of life much more enjoyable. The easiest and most effective way to get that essential exercise is with Whole Body Vibration training and therapy.

WBV exercise has proven itself to produce the necessary muscular activity in a safe and effective way, which not only tones muscles and strengthens connective tissue, but it does it in a gentle way which is very well suited for an aged body. Tests have shown that exercise with a Whole Body Vibration machine can increase muscle strength up to 24.4 percent over conventional exercise methods, increasing flexibility and balance; two very important factors in the lives of the elderly.

Looking at some recent statistics, the Baby-Boomer population is going to increase by almost 70 percent over the next ten to fifteen years. This is the fastest growing population segment of our society! The three most common musculoskeletal complaints afflicting this group of people are osteoporosis, lack of flexibility and strength, as well as balance. Whole Body Vibration training and therapy in the comfort and convenience of one’s own home can serve the purpose of helping many folks from this demographic.

Statistics have shown the most common reason elderly patients are checking into specialized assisted living facilities is not disease or illness, it is immobility; many of those individuals have lost the ability to move freely around their home, and therefore experience significant difficulties in taking care of themselves.

In the past few years, much research has been completed in regard to the effectiveness Whole Body Vibration in the treatment of osteoporosis and the effect of WBV on bone density as well as muscular strength. The results have been very favorable. The general consensus is that utilization of WBV equipment represents the best non-pharmaceutical treatment for that disorder!

In summary, WBV machines offer a fast, simple, easy-to-learn and safe alternative to going to the gym for the above mentioned Baby-Boomers. With its small space requirements, the units can be placed easily into anyone’s home or office. It is clear that Whole Body Vibration is here to stay and will continue to become more and more the treatment of choice for the many musculoskeletal and other related problems common to our aging population.

Whole Body Vibration
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