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Kwikfit4u Whole Body Vibration : Fun Positions and Poses to Try

Here are some helpful tips on different posture positions you can try on your and see the benefits of vibration platform that will target different muscle groups and focus blood flow into certain areas.

Download a printable PDF version of Kwikfit4u Posture and Positions Guide by CLICKING HERE

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Great Training Videos

Meet Greg Kozoris Getting Started Ab Strengthener
Advanced Pushup Advanced Twist Back Twist
Calf Raise Forward Bend Forward Flexion Exercise
Front Forward Lunge Gentle Pushup Hip Bridge
Knee Lift One Leg Hold Seated Calf Massage
Seated Upper Body Pillar Single Leg Quad Stretch Sitting Forward Bend
Sitting Squat Sitting Twist Static Hold Squat
Kwikfit4u – Cardio Workout With Ross

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