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Benefits of Kwikfit4u Whole Body Vibration : Therapy And Training

Health Benefits – Therapy And Training

So, what are some Vibration Therapy Benefits? And what exactly is the difference between therapy and training? There is no single, exact difference. It’s dozens of big and little things that add up to make the difference. So with Whole Body Vibration equipment, whether it’s in a gym, therapy center or at home it’s more about how it’s used than the machine itself, which has been proven to be effective as both a vibration physical therapy and training devise.

It is common sense to anybody that has ever done any kind of workout, in or out of a gym, that the more weight behind a load, the harder your muscles have to work. These same principles also apply to Whole Body Vibration equipment and how it’s used.  These are just some of the Vibration Therapy Benefits you will find.

Using the familiar squat as an example…

Your body weight is used as the basic resistance factor. Your leg muscles are being forced to work against the vibration and gravity (this is of course trying to pull you down). The speed of the Whole Body Vibration platform’s oscillations and the angle of knee bend will increase or decrease the weight factor. Although this will vary with each individual according to their current condition, a general rule of thumb would be anything greater than 30 degree bend and/or 12 Hz (cycles per second) would be considered training and anything less than that would be accepted as therapy. To accelerate training, and the corresponding health benefits of a Whole Body Vibration machine, weights (medicine ball, dumbbells etc.) can be held while squatting.

Vibration Physical Therapy

Compare that with the squat pose where you have one foot on the ground and another on the machine so only some of your body weight is behind the pose and you will find they do not even begin to compare in intensity. The more weight behind any pose, the more of a workout (training) it becomes. Less or almost no body weight being put into the pose equals simple therapy and stimulation.

Another example to really clarify this principle (and Vibration Therapy Benefits) is the kneeling push-up with your hands placed on the vibration physical therapy with Whole Body Vibration platform and your knees on the floor as opposed to the advanced push-up where only your toes are in contact with the floor. In the kneeling push-up less than 30% of your body weight is put on your arms, where as in advanced push-up it’s over 70%, (Over a 200% increase in workload between these two poses).

So how does this all relate to result…?

Now consider this; if you went to a physical therapist you would not expect to be put through a tough, fat burning workout. Why, because it is primarily about light precise movements to help bring back function from an injury or circulation. But if you go to a personal trainer at a gym or fitness center you can bet they are going to be pushing you and some extra “pressure” is going to be added to your body somewhere.

In summary

A Whole Body Vibration machine has many health benefits and can be used in many ways for both vibration physical therapy and for training with excellent results.

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