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The crippling disease of osteoporosis is becoming increasingly common in today’s world. It especially targets post-menopausal women and older men and women who lead sedentary lives.

Osteoporosis is primarily caused by the leaching of calcium from the bones by the body itself. Too many people’s lifestyles, and especially their diets, result in their bodies having an acid PH rather than an alkaline or balanced PH. This means that the blood chemistry is out of kilter and is too acidic to maintain a condition of ideal health and fitness.

In an attempt for the body to return to a balanced PH a natural reaction is set off; tissue such as muscles and organs automatically send out a demand for alkaline input from any source that alkaline content is stored. The body then draws from the alkaline reserves that are stored in the liver, but once the liver’s reserve is depleted, alkaline content will be sought from elsewhere within the body. Since calcium is very alkaline it’s the body’s second choice, and it is stored in the bones throughout the body. Commonly the largest bones, such as the hip bones, pelvic bones, femur, wrists and so on, are first to release the calcium. Oftentimes this situation is then exacerbated by poor diet which heightens acidity and if combined with lack of exercise the degenerating cycle is repeated.

Generally when someone is diagnosed with osteoporosis, doctors will routinely recommend dietary changes as well as changes in lifestyle that include exercise. Next they will often calcium supplements and/or medication.

Reversing osteoporosis can be a long, hard road and unless permanent dietary and lifestyle changes are accepted and actualized, the patient runs the risk of recurring or even worsening the symptoms accompanying osteoporosis, especially once they’re off medication and supplements.

Whole Body Vibration Osteoporosis

One of the fastest, safest and easiest ways to help reverse osteoporosis is exercise; however, the degree of intensity or duration of exercise that is necessary may be beyond the ability of many elderly people or anyone who is not used to exercising. Also many who are used to a sedentary lifestyle may not find the motivation, time or energy necessary for most forms of conventional exercise.

Now for the good news; Whole Body Vibration osteoprosis training and therapy is the safest and easiest solution for such people, and has been shown to combat (even reverse) osteoporosis without drugs. The oscillation of the platform produces an involuntary muscle contraction known as ‘stretch reflex’. The speed of the oscillation set by the user varies and can produce multiple contractions per second. It can accelerate this natural muscle reflex action five or more times as quickly and thoroughly as traditional exercise found in the gym or fitness center.

In other words if you walk or run your muscles may contract once or twice per second. But by simply standing on a Whole Body Vibration platform, your muscles will perform the same action, but a lot faster (many times per second). An added advantage is that Whole Body Vibration osteoporsis exercise therapy affects all the muscles in the body, and, if you so choose, you can target specific areas or muscle groups by varying your position on the machine and by varying the speed of the oscillation.

Whole Body Vibration exercise training

Whole Body Vibration exercise training and therapy provides the necessary (and beneficial) stress to the bone that causes it to increase in mass and density and therefore in strength.

The beauty of Whole Body Vibration as a natural osteoporosis therapy is that it can be done for just 10 minutes a day, three to four times a week and results can be seen in as little as six to eight weeks. Whole Body Vibration is ideal for those with limited mobility and as a bonus to those suffering from osteoporosis; it will also improve flexibility, muscle strength and stamina.

In addition to osteoporosis therapy, Whole Body Vibration osteoporosis allows people suffering from various other ailments to get their needed physical activity levels increased while staying within their personal physical abilities. You may not be able to go for brisk walks or even climb stairs but Whole Body Vibration exercise stimulates your muscles very effectively by just standing on the vibration platform; thereby, increasing your blood circulation and providing the necessary oxygenation to all cells in your body including your brain. Physical activity is the key to providing the oxygenation your body needs to function properly.

There are numerous scientific studies, using control groups, strict observation by professionals and accurately recorded and reported results, proving beyond any doubt that bone mass and density in osteoporosis sufferers is increased with Whole Body Vibration training and therapy. Research was done at the University of Miami, the Miami Veterans Administration Medical Center, the Geriatrics Research Center, State University of New York, University of Texas, NASA, McMaster University, and has been published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Journal of Musculoskeletal Interactions, to name a few supporters of Whole Body Vibration as an effective therapeutic tool for helping those with osteoporosis and bone mass/density loss. In fact over 800 medical trials and reports have now been published by researchers from all over the USA, Canada and Europe.

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