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Whole Body Vibration Has Many Benefits

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Whole Body Vibration Has Many Benefits

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Kwikfit 400

Kwikfit4u whole body vibration is the most effective form of…


Kwikfit 1000

Solid, heavy duty steel construction. Sleek and modern design that…


Kwikfit 2000

The dual 2 H.P. motors facilitate oscillation and spiral…

Real People...Real Stories

I am a senior, and after hearing about the “jiggle” machine from someone I decided to give it a try. I actually paid a local company to use their machine for 10 minutes a day for one month… After noticing I did feel better and did not have as many aches…


This letter is in reference to my personal and business experience with Laura Pelletier and the Kwikfit4u Whole body Vibration System. Personally – Six years ago I was 94 pounds over weight and my body was ready to give up it seemed. I decided to change my life…


When the Kwikfit Whole Body Massage Vibrating System was shown to me, my first thought was, “I wonder if this machine would help my golf game?”  Having a “mature” figure, I thought this machine might help tone me up some and perhaps help me lose some weight…


Kwikfit Canada is your Whole Body Vibration Equipment company. We have a vibe machine that is sure to suit your needs. Whether you need the Kwikfit 400 at home, or you’d like to outfit your fitness studio with the Kwikfit 2000, we can help you choose.

A whole body vibration machine provides not only a unique way to help with your overall fitness, but it’s been shown to have many other potential health benefits as well. From anti-aging to weight loss, you will find the right vibe machine to suit your needs.

Sure you may find other similar vibe machines in your local fitness studio. But those can cost several tens of thousands of dollars. Our units are designed to provide the same health benefits at a fraction of the price.

As your whole body Vibration Equipment company, Kwikfit is in business to help you choose which machine is right for you. Simply contact us and one of our trained professionals will discuss your health concerns with you, so that they can better understand what you’d like to get out of your new vibe machine.

So before you go to any store and buy a piece of machinery that may not work for you, contact Kwikfit Canada and find out how we can help you achieve your health goals,

Kwikfit Canada, Ltd.
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